Paper documents are moving online

The CIG Secure Online Client Portal was launched in May 2015 and enables clients to view transactions, daily valuation snapshots and also securely create trade instructions.  

As advised on the most recent quarterly valuations we have made some important changes to our service, you can now access your quarterly valuation statements and contract notes online.

In addition, we are pleased to announce that from the week commencing Monday 19 December 2016, email notifications will be provided to all users of the CIG Secure Online Portal.

These enhancements have a number of benefits, including:

  • Convenience - view, save and print your contract notes and valuations, without waiting for them to arrive in the post. Holdings and transaction data is updated daily, trade data is effectively live.

  • Automatic email alerts - receive an email when your valuations and contract notes are available online.

  • Improved Information security - get secure access to your contract notes and valuations and reduce the possibility of mail fraud.

  • Eco-friendly - accessing valuations online lowers the environmental impact.


How does this affect you? 

With the exception of clients with Discretionary Managed Portfolios, those clients that register on the CIG Secure Online Client Portal to access their valuations and contract notes online there will be no charge.  However, should you choose to receive a copy of your valuation in paper form, a £10 charge will be levied per valuation and applied at the start of the following quarter.

Should you wish to receive paper valuations, please return this charge authorisation form, otherwise we will assume that you are happy to access your valuations and contract notes online and you will no longer receive them by post.

For clients with Discretionary Managed Portfolios we will continue to send you printed contract notes and valuations at no extra cost but if you would prefer to only access your documents online then you are able to opt out of receiving paper copies by completing and returning this opt out form or by contacting the Customer Services team (telephone +44 (0)1624 654200) who will be pleased to assist you.


How do I access my documents online?

First you need an online account on the CIG Secure Portal, if you don’t already have an online account please follow the link to start the registration process.

Click here to visit the online registration page.

If you already have an account then please click here to go to the login page, you can find the forgotten username or password function here also.


How will I know when I have a new document available?

Whenever documents are made available to you online via the CIG Secure Online Portal an email will be sent to your ‘Notification Email Address’ advising that you have new documents. Contract notes will be advised throughout the day, all other documents will be notified after 6pm each day.

The ‘Notification Email Address’ will be set to the email address you provided when you registered on the CIG Secure Online Portal.  If at any point you would like to change your notification email address or stop receiving notifications you can login to the CIG Secure Online Portal and change your preferences under your Profile.

Rhodes Brown | Growing our people

Rhodes Brown | Growing our people

e-Commerce Solutions for Transactional Business

e-Commerce Solutions for Transactional Business