Competitive Foreign Exchange

Competitive Foreign Exchange

Although cash has not been king for a while, money still talks….
Money gives one power and influence to get things done on one’s own terms”. Anon

Levelling the field of play in foreign exchange…
We all know the phrase “money talks” and in our experience, it could not be more appropriate than when dealing foreign exchange via FX market makers. It is no secret that most banks, building societies and FX brokers have tiered commission levels for FX, which result in high value/high volume customers benefitting from much more competitive rates of exchange on a deal by deal basis than those with less regular, smaller value requirements.

At the Capital International Group, we believe that clients should not be disadvantaged on their individual trades because they do not have sufficient ongoing FX volumes to qualify for these “preferential rates”. By combining all our clients FX volumes we create an economy of scale, meaning we can achieve the highest preferential rate tiers with our chosen FX counterparties and can then offer our clients rates of exchange which they wouldn’t normally be able to achieve themselves.

Taking the stress out of FX…
When you transact FX with a market maker you may not always have access to real-time inter-bank market rates at the time of dealing, therefore you can never really be sure exactly how far away from “market” you really are. Through its member-company Capital Treasury Services, our FX team can have multiple counterparty terminals open at any given time. As a result are able to compare the rates displayed against each other and against the real-time inter-bank rates. Using this intelligence we can be sure that the rate we get is the best we can possibly achieve for our clients at that time, taking all the stress away from the client who can relax in the knowledge that they are getting the best deal we can achieve for them.

FX Risk Hedging Solutions….
As well as assisting clients by maximising their Spot FX, we also have the ability to offer much more competitively priced hedging products, such as Forward Contracts and Options. We can therefore cut the price of any hedging solution clients may need, making their currency risk management more efficient and cost effective.

Who we are
Capital Treasury Services is one of the Isle of Man’s leading cash and treasury management companies. We have founded our business attitudes around the Capital International Group’s core values; continuing to offer high quality services to our clients, new and old through four core areas:

  • Foreign Exchange Services
  • Treasury & Cash Management
  • Payment Services
  • Money Market & Cash Investment

Can we help you?.....
We distinguish ourselves from the competition by understanding our clients’ needs and adapting our business around them. Our principal role is to offer corporate, trusts and high net worth individuals the ability to achieve significantly better foreign exchange and money market rates than our peers do. Ongoing FX business is not essential, even if you have a “one-off” trade and want to try to get the best rate you can, we can still help you.

A highly regulated Isle of Man based financial services provider, with a dedicated team of qualified FX traders, we pride ourselves on successfully delivering a relationship and solution based service to our clients.

Since 2014, we transacted over 5,000 trades with a turnover of over £2.0 billion.

Please contact our FX Team on +44 (0)1624 654299 or alternatively by email to

Paul Hickey
Manager | Treasury & FX Sales
Capital Treasury Services Limited

Tel:          +44 (0) 1624 654292
Fax:         +44 (0) 1624 654291



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