Growing our People | New Ideas, New Directions...

Growing our People | New Ideas, New Directions...

And New Challenges

The Capital International Group are delighted to welcome a new Head of Propositions and Marketing, Kim Mc Cracken. Kim joins the Group based in the Isle of Man from Cape Town, South Africa. She arrived on the island in February after spending a brief period of time in the South African office.

Kim brings with her over ten years of industry experience, and an in depth knowledge of the South African market. She has worked in various industry roles spanning marketing, business development and asset consulting, the majority of which were with Old Mutual Life Assurance Company. She has been representative on two company licenses, and advised corporate retirement and other funds.

As Head of Propositions and Marketing, Kim reports directly into Greg Ellison, Group Chief Executive Officer. Her core focus will be on the Group’s cross-border product and service offering, ensuring it is clear, competitive and meets the ever changing needs of clients. 

In addition, her experience will add value to the Groups’ strategic marketing plan, covering its diverse range of financial products and services. Greg Ellison joined the Group in 2016 and further shared that, “It is indeed an exciting time for the Group, with a few sizable projects underway for 2017. I am delighted to have Kim on board and am confident that her contribution will add value, as we collectively take the Group into a new era of growth.”

Kim’s experience is supported by her academic achievements as well, with her holding a BComm Honours Degree, a Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning, and a Master of Commerce (MComm) in Business Management. 

Having left the sunnier climes of South Africa to join the Capital International Group in the Isle of Man we thought we would find out a little bit more about Kim. Borrowing from the media we put together a few questions to get a better understanding of our new Head of Propositions and Marketing:

What has impressed you the most since joining the Capital International Group?
The business endeavours to be excellent, and I experienced this from my very first interaction with the Group. A business is its people, and I have met some great people. I have been impressed by their excellence and positive attitude.

What have you been focused on since joining?
The Group provides financial services across a fairly diverse spectrum. It has grown organically over the years and so I have taken due care to carefully consider and understand this growth path and the various people who have journeyed along it.

What are the priorities that you are focusing on over the coming months?
I have joined the Group at an exciting time, there are a number of plans and projects on the go, and the energy within our offices is palpable. 

My core focus will be on our cross-border product and service offering, ensuring it is clear, competitive and meets the ever changing needs of our clients. In addition, I will be focusing on the Groups’ strategic marketing plan.  

What is your fondest memory growing up?
This question made me smile. I had a magical childhood, and I count myself very fortunate in this. 

My fondest memories revolve around sporting occasions and the beach. I grew up riding my bicycle through the streets of my home town, down to the beach, where our family would make sand castles and watch the sunrise.

Where in the world would you most like to visit and why?

It is the most untouched continent and has lured me for some time now. It is for the most part an uninhabitable place, and because of this, the air is cleaner, the sky clearer and the animal life vast. Biodiversity lives on, unhampered by human interference.

What is the best piece of personal advice you could offer?
I’m not sure I’ve been on earth long enough to have found life’s real pearls, but given my journey to date, I would say….In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

If you could spend 20 minutes with anybody – dead or alive – who would it be?
Nelson Mandela, Madiba. 

A human being that found forgiveness in his heart and chose to walk a path, few would have. On this path, he took a nation and united its people. I aspire to grasp the personal grace and kindness he found within the solitude and confines of a jail cell.  

If you hadn’t chosen your current career, is there another you would like to have pursued?
Working with animals in nature or a travel reporter. 

I love animals, being in nature, and travelling to different parts of the globe. 

With each year that passes, I have become more passionate about caring for our planet and animals. I have found travel to be quite educational, it encourages an increased social conscience and self-awareness.

Do you own a tablet?
Own one? I am practically married to one! 

Social media – love it or loathe it?
I guess I love what it can give a person and the connectivity it provides to family and friends living across the globe from one another. That said, I do not always agree with how people engage with social media, especially Facebook.

What websites do you visit the most?
I would say YouTube, hands down.

Do you shop online and if so for what?
I’m not a great fan of shopping. 

As you can imagine, online shopping is a pleasure for me as it means I don’t actually have to go into the shops. So that’s a yes, and I’ve been known to purchase sporting items, clothing and Christmas gifts.

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